Brazilian Import Regulations - Munique, Alemanha. 3 de Novembro de 2014

Eventos | 03/11/2014

Spezial Seminar


Brazilian Import Regulations – 2014

This one-day course will provide an overview of law, regulations, and practical aspects affecting imports and exports into and from Brazil as well as laws affecting foreign investors, manufacturers and distributors of goods within Brazil. The seminar will focus on providing investors and companies operating in Brazil the necessary knowledge to benefit from special programs and to maintain compliance with procedural and/or legal requirements. Alexandre Lira, attorney recognized in Brazil as authority on Customs and Tax Law, will lead the presentation.
Starting with a brief introduction on Brazil’s trade policies, the trade links between Brazil and its key trading partners, including those in Europe will be reviewed along with the current political-economic environment in Brazil, and specific registration and ongoing obligations imposed on foreign-investors. Brazil Customs legislation and regulations will be handled next, including topics on tariff treatment, and taxes on imports, distribution and production; an overview of the Brazilian Integrated System of Foreign Trade (SISCOMEX); customs procedures and controls; licensing procedures and other government agencies; and recommendations on best practices to avoid fines and other sanctions. There will also be a discussion of the benefits of available special customs and investment regimes, in particular, the ones directly related to the upcoming Olympic Games and to the Oil sector. An overview will be given of Brazil’s RECOF program as well as its expedited import processing program for trusted companies, the “Linha Azul” (Blue Line) program. Finally, Brazil’s main preferential trade arrangement, MERCOSUR, will be explored, with specific comments on the status of relations between Brazil and Argentina and on negotiations of other agreements where MERCOSUR is or will be a member.

Seminar subjects


  • Understanding the Brazilian Market
    • Brazil Today
    • Expectations for the new Government (2015-2018)
    • Strategies to enter the Brazilian Market
  • Legal aspects
    • Best practices for the Brazilian subsidiary incorporation
    • Foreign investments
    • Anti-corruption regulations
  • Customs Procedures
    • Brazilian Customs and other government agencies
    • Import/Export Integrated System (SISCOMEX) and Customs Controls
    • Harmonized System application – Mercosur Common Nomenclature – NCM (Portuguese Acronym)
    • Import Licenses
    • Recommendations and Best Practices
  • Duties and Taxes
    • Import tax
    • Value Added Tax on imports, distribution and manufacturing activities
    • Tax exemptions and special regimes (drawback duties and incentives for investments)
  • Trade Restrictions
    • Protectionism
    • Customs & ports bottleneck
    • Growing anti-dumping measures
    • Special regime for automotive Industry (INOVAR-AUTO)
  • Trade Facilitation
    • Implementation of the WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement
    • Development of an AEO program
    • Single window
    • Express clearance customs compliance regime – “Blue Line”
  • Free Trade Agreements
    • Mercosur (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela)
    • FTAs with other Latin American countries (Chile, Mexico, partial preference agreements)
    • Ongoing negotiations (European Union and Transpacific Alliance)


Target Group

This seminar is designed for German based managers and trade professionals with current or planned business activities in Brazil.

Please note

The seminar will be held in English! The contents mainly relate to EU/German regulations; US regulations will only be referred to where necessary. Participants are encouraged to submit questions and case studies upto three weeks in advance!

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